ERSDC - Series

The motors are suitable for 18's, 28's, 38's and 50's round shafts.Primarily this series can be applied to interior shade systems such as roller- and zebra blinds, roller shutter systems as well as for interior decoration matters like room divider in living rooms.

The ERSDC-series has a built-in radio receiver and can be operated with heicko design emitters or via heicko e-smart home app. Due to the built-in lithium battery, operating without an AC power supply is possible. The battery is rechargeable and can operate the motor (fully charged) for many months. The motor can be assembled with wall- and roof mounted brackets or clamp brackets directly attached on the window wing (on "turn" or "tilt and turn" windows).

Type ERSDC2803-35 ERSDC3808-35 ERSDC1040-05
Motor head Standard Standard Square shaft reception
Length without bearing 425 mm 425 mm 655 mm
Motor diameter 16 mm 25 mm 35 mm
Input voltage 7.4 V 7.4 V 12 V
Power 8.5 W 14.8 W 42 W
Rated torque 0,3 Nm 0.8 Nm 5 Nm
Maximum load 1.5 kg 3.1 kg 11 kg
Rated RPM 35 rpm 35 rpm 28 rpm
Current consumption 1.15 A 2.0 A 3.5 A
Power on duration
Protection type, VDE 700 IP20 IP20 IP22
Capacity of the battery H H H
Protection type. VDE 700 built-in battery 800 mAh built-in battery 2200 mAh built-in battery 2200 mAh
Max. turns / circles no limitation
For shaft diameter 18 / 28 mm Rundwelle 28 / 38 mm Rundwelle 50 mm round shaft
Radio frequency 433,92 MHz 433,92 MHz 433,92 MHz
Compatible charger HR1200LA-7.4-USB HR1200LA-7.4-USB HR1200LA-16.8 or HR1200-LA-SOLAR