Due to a diameter of 45 mm, the motor is suitable for 60's 8-square shafts. The blockage detection function stops the movement, in the case of an obstacle as well as when the roller shutter has frozen on the window sill. The hindrance detection function becomes active when an obstacle is recognized. This in turn prevents damage to the roller shutters and the motor. The endpoints can be adjusted automatically or manually (external cable HR130001-E is required).

Note: Shaft connector or anti-lift locks are needed for the blockage detection function. These hinder the upwards movement when an obstacle is identified. Stopper or angled rails are needed for the automatically adjustable endpoints. The hindrance detection function is not advisable for small windows or when multiple shutters are being utilised. 


Length without bracket Motor diameter Input voltage Power Rated torque Maximum load Idle speed Current consumption Power on duration No. of cores Motor protection,
Protection type, VDE 700 Cable length For shaft diameter
EREBH1060-20 626 mm 45 mm 230 V /
50 Hz
161 W 20 Nm 45 kg 15
0,69 A 4 min 5 H IP44 2,0 m 60mm, octagonal