The motor in this series is suitable for 40's 8-square-shafts. This is possible due to the motors being available with a diameter of 35 mm.
Due to the fact that the endpoints of this tubular motor can be set up through either the set-up cable HR130001-E or an external button, any adjustment to them can be carried out quickly even after fitting the roller shutter motor, without having the need to open the roller box.
The blocking recognition system reacts if during the upwards movement, the rollers encounter a strong opposing force e.g. if they freeze on the window sill. The tubular motor is maintenance-free with a high life span. Furthermore, the motor is also equipped with a thermal overload protection system as well as a silent motor.

Note: No shaft connector or anti-lift locks are needed for the blocking recognition function. 


ERE1040-10 ERE1060-20 ERE1060-30
Length without bracket 570 mm 575 mm 605mm
Motor diameter 35 mm 45 mm 45mm
Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 116 W 203 W 226W
Rated torque 10 Nm 20 Nm 30Nm
Maximum load 23 kg 45 kg 68kg
Idle speed 14 min-1 17 min-1 17 min-1
Current consumption 0,49 A 0,84 A 0.95A
Power on duration 4 min 4 min 4min
No. of cores 3 3 4
Motor protection, ISO-class H H H
Protection type, VDE 700 IP44 IP44 IP44
Cable length 2,0 m 2,0 m 2,0 m
For shaft diameter 40mm, octagonal shaft 60mm, octagonal shaft 60mm, octagonal shaft