Why acrylic fabric suitable with Thailand weather

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Know Your Requirements

Before deciding on the type of awning fabric, decide on what you need. Prioritize your requirements based on durability, weight, size, flexibility, etc. If you want a fabric that is durable, water-resistant, lightweight and flexible, then go for vinyl and polyester composite fabrics. These fabrics are versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

UV Protection and Heat Factor

During the summer, ultraviolet radiation reaches its peak because of the high amount of sun rays. If you choose dark-coloured awning fabrics, more heat is absorbed making your outdoor living space warmer. Therefore, select light-coloured awning fabrics to reflect the UV rays. This way, you can enjoy the summer days by relaxing comfortably on your deck or patio.

Acrylic Fabrics for Humid Areas

Homes located in humid areas are more at-risk to mildew and heat. If you are looking for an awning fabric that goes well with the humidity, then acrylic fabrics are the best bet. Acrylic fabrics not only provide mildew resistance, but also give a pleasant look to your awning. They are better than the traditional cotton blend canvas because of durability.


Acrylic fabrics for outdoor awnings are much more durable than traditional cotton canvas material. Acrylic fabric awnings can repel a certain amount of water, but they are not officially waterproof. They can be made with a variety of colors and patterns, offering you many options if you want to get creative. Acrylic fabric awnings stand up very well to humidity, so they are a particularly good option for Maryland homeowners and business owners. They can resist mildew and damage from direct sunlight over the years as well.


Canvas is a popular material for awnings, but it does not always fare the best over time or in areas that have a lot of weather. They are less expensive but they damage easily and can require repair or replacement much sooner than other fabric options. Natural awnings made of canvas, even in areas without much weather or wear and tear, will still need to be replaced more frequently than awnings made of most other materials.

Acrylic is lighter than PVC or Canvas. This fabric has softer texture than canvas and is incredibly durable, providing your home with superior heat and moisture protection. Acrylic will let some light through, but it is not see-through like sunscreen or PVC.

It is important to know that the life span of a motorized awning is determined by the quality of it's fabric, motor and other components. Over time your awning will be exposed to humidity, rain, solar radiation, heat and pollution.